Wendy Hwang Lectures 2020 順奕訪問學者講座( 共四場)

Wendy Hwang Lectures 2020 順奕訪問學者講座( 共四場)
Speaker/ 主講人: Professor Harty Field (Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Silver Professor, New York University)
Theme /主題: Naive Truth and Semantic Paradox

Lecture 1: Jan. 7th, Tue., 15:30- 17:30
講題:The Power of Naive Truth

Lecture 2:Jan. 8th, Wed., 09:30- 10:30 ( Keynote speech at the 4th Taiwan Metaphysics Colloquium)
講題:The Objectivity of Mathematics

Lecture 3: Jan. 13, Mon., 15:30 -17:30
講題:Naive Truth and Restricted Quantification

Lecture 4: Jan. 16, Thur., 15:30 – 17:30
講題:Ordinary Conditionals and Naive Truth

Venue/地點:Room 302, the department of Philosophy, NTU/臺灣大學水源校區哲學系館 302室 (臺北市中正區思源街18號)